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On 7/14/2013 James & Stephanie Lewis e:jameslewis41 (at) gmail.com from Ebensburg wrote:
Steve, thanks for everything last night at the Casino! The night went perfectly and we were very pleased with how you DJ'ed!!

On 6/1/2010 Nikole e:Dorkgirl94 (at) yahoo.com from New York wrote:
I had a blast at the banquet i had on saturday. Very good job Steve!!!

On 2/4/2010 Debbo e:ahoy38 (at) hotmail.com from Altoona wrote:
Welcome home. One of the best DJ's I've ever heard. Have seen you DJ weddings.....AWESOME!!!! I was really impressed with your professionalism.

On 12/29/2009 Debi Gagermeier e:wapitidebigag (at) yahoo.com from Altoona, now nanty Glo, PA wrote:
Welcome home!!!!

On 2/24/2009 Bobbi e:mumsie4kaela (at) gmail.com from Red Bluff, CA wrote:
Visited your site courtesy of a fireman friend, Dave Hitt. Very nice.

On 1/18/2009 Bill Thornton e:drwthornton (at) hotmail.com wrote:
Hello Steve, Browsed into your site while looking for WINX on the Internet. Enjoyed your snippets of airchecks from WINX. I was there in the mid 60s as Chuck Hunter, later at WPGC and WJMD. Good to see someone really having a fun with the music after all these years. I left the DJ world for chiropractic college in 1975, but have returned to broadcasting with a talk show: The Natural Health Report, KTYM AM 1460 (ktym.com), Los Angeles, Mondays and Tuesdays. Continued success to you and keep em spinning! Bill

On 8/8/2008 David and Rita Colgan e:drcolgan (at) tds.net w:portal.tds.net from Windsor, NY wrote:
Thank you, Steve, for being our DJ at our first daughter's wedding. It was unmercifully hot that day. We look forward to seeing you, again, next June for our youngest daughter's wedding. Best wishes to you and your family. Thanks again.

On 3/19/2008 Big Wally from State of Intoxication wrote:
Hey Steve, I listen tu your show all the time. Thanks for being such an inspiration. I have modeled my life after you. Thank you for bailing me out of jail!

On 10/25/2007 Shannon e:SQuilty80 (at) yahoo.com from Vestal wrote:
Hwy Steve! Geez it's been a while! How are you? I was reading in the paper this morning about you in the winebago and wanted to personally thank you for everything you do in the community. I'm still in the area working on my masters degree. I work overnights and usuially hit the sack right after so i rarely hear you anymore. It makes me sad. I hope that things are going great for you and that your kids are doing well. May God bless you! :)Shoot me an email sometime. Would love to hear from you.

On 3/18/2007 joe gluck e:apple (at) nep.net from susquehanna pa wrote:
steve, saw you today in 5k race at st vincents.i was way behind you but i had good time.i was old guy in marine do-rag.hope to see you in others races too.

On 3/7/2007 Webmaestro w:www.globalmetropolis.tk from Miami,Florida wrote:
Hi Steve! very nice website. Have a nice day and stay online!!! :)

On 1/16/2007 katlupe e:nikita (at) citlink.net w:www.larrylupole.com from Binghamton, NY wrote:
Nice to see you on the internet with a interesting site. It looks like you are doing pretty good for yourself. I used to listen to your show all the time, so I thought I'd check and see if you were still around.

On 9/28/2006 T-Rexxx e:tiffany-rexxx (at) hotmail.com from Gibson wrote:
Hey! Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to sit in on your morning radio show! It was a blast and I shall definately be back for another fun-filled morning with you, Wally, and Kathy. I've also got a meeting tomorrow with our Vice Principal so I can find out when our next few dances are. I'll be letting you know what's going on soon. Thanks again for the awesome opportunity! Tell the rest of the crew I said, "Hi!" - Tiffany

On 9/18/2006 Crissy lewis e:starshinegirl2006 (at) hotmail.com from Warren Center wrote:
Hey,I love your program.Best wishes and keep it rocken..

On 7/19/2006 Tiller w:map3804500.ratingdirect.info wrote:
Hi Steve. Good work. Nice site.

On 6/5/2006 Big Wally wrote:
Steve, thanks for giving me all the pointers and tips to be a real good dj! I appreciate you taking the time to teach me all you know. Thanks for that 2-minutes!

On 5/1/2006 Heather (Black) Williams e:SomeBeachDJ (at) aol.com w:www.SomeBeachEntertainment.com from Berkshire, NY wrote:
Hey Steve! Great website. You've always been an inspiration. Just wanted to say hello!!

On 3/30/2006 Big Wally wrote:
Hi Steve, Just wanted to say what a pleasure it is working with a great big dork! Thanks!

On 3/21/2006 Katrina Taylor e:cutifytrina85 (at) yahoo.com w:www.wirelessspeakers-direct.com from Lake Mary wrote:
I really love your website. The graphics are very outstanding. Keep up the good work

On 3/4/2006 katie manning e:matthewdorr (at) aol.com from new salem (dorr) wrote:
love your morning show. wake up with it on my alarm clock and listen to you on the way to work- it is my calm b4 the storm :>)

On 11/14/2005 Rick Daniels w:www.991thewhale.com from Binghamton Baby... wrote:
Steve, Thought I'd drop ya a line and say hello. All I can see in my head is your butt doin the "Running Man" at the company Christmas party last year... HAHA You were so sweaty after that I was worried you were gonna get pneumonia when you left to go home! Talk to ya soon brother... R.D.

On 9/27/2005 ezemgbada e:ezeguy (at) yahoo.com from Lome wrote:
i love this site keep it up..............0000000000000000000000000000000000

On 3/3/2005 Denise from Binghamton, NY wrote:
Hi Steve, just wanted to say "job well done" at Mom's House for the Rocker-Thon! What a great time and for a good cause too!

On 1/4/2005 cheryl (party on the patio) e:cherryl62 (at) juno.com from Binghamton wrote:
Just wanted to say hello, its' been a long time. Great website you have. Was wondering if you had any ideas on doing a Luau for a reunion that I am planning in August?

On 12/8/2004 Geoff e:gfinch (at) aei.ca from Montreal, Canada wrote:
Steve - I was searching for ballroom/social dancing selections and was directed to your site. Thanks so much for the great tips and keep up the good work. I think you may have saved my butt for the gigs I've got this weekend.

On 12/8/2004 mjDUKE e:dj (at) mjduke.com w:www.mjDUKE.com from Johson City, NY wrote:
Hi Steve, great site you have here!

On 11/22/2004 Shirley e:shirleym81651 (at) netscape.net from Greene wrote:
Steve- Great job with the morning show, great way to start the day. I really like the things you do to Big Wally.. I enjoyed the tricyle race with Thunder. Great job with the Food-a-bago. Every one at the Whale are Great - Thanks for being there for US!

On 11/4/2004 Jessica Woodruff e:woodruffj (at) lls.org from Syracuse, NY wrote:
Hi Steve - thank you SO much for braving the weather and helping out at the Light The Night Walk! Everyone had rave reviews about the walk, and we went over our budget. Thank you for keeping everyone's spirits up in the miserable weather!

On 9/16/2004 Shawn and Heather Smith e:tirstie (at) aol.com from Great Bend PA wrote:
Thanks, again, for a wonderful wedding reception. You did such an amazing job! We have had so many wonderful comments on you and how fun you made our wedding reception. You kept the party going! So, if you are looking for a DJ for your wedding, pick Steve, he is awesome!!!

On 7/23/2004 Nick Olechnowicz e:olechnon (at) mnsfld.edu from Towanda wrote:
Hey the morning show on the WAAL Rocks! I'm a broadcasting major working at the school's radio station (89.5 the Giant) for my major and your show has definitely influenced the content and the structure of my show Keep up the good work! P.s. Please feel free to e-mail me P.S. think you can help me get an internship with you guys for the summer? Or even just get to meet you? hmmm? Please I'm YOUR Biggest FAN! :-) Thanks Nick

On 7/23/2004 Nick Olechnowicz e:olechnon (at) mnsfld.edu from Towanda wrote:
Hey the morning show on the WAAL Rocks! I'm a broadcasting major working at the school's radio station (89.5 the Giant) for my major and your show has definitely influenced the content and the structure of my show Keep up the good work! P.s. Please feel free to e-mail me P.S. think you can help me get an internship with you guys for the summer? Or even just get to meet you? hmmm? Please I'm YOUR Biggest FAN! :-) Thanks Nick

On 5/18/2004 dan michaels e:swingjock (at) hotmail.com from binghamton wrote:
Steve, you did a great job at my brother's wedding over the weekend. A big thanks from everybody that was there. We all had a blast, even though I can't dance. Maybe Genesis wrote that song about me....LOL. Thanks again...talk to ya!!

On 11/28/2003 Jon e:mrjonealutz (at) hotmail.com from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada wrote:
Great site...i use it to get all the up to date songs. I also Dj, i'm just starting out. keep music comming

On 10/20/2003 Kathryn e:Kath8905 (at) aol.com w:hometown.aol.com/kath8905/ from Niagara Falls NY wrote:
Just checking out different sites....cool site.

On 7/8/2003 Ericka Lee Duran e:slyfantasyoO (at) yahoo.com from Fullerton wrote:
hey hey , it is so cool how djs play all the music we all like to listen to , i mean i go to clubs and i hear the song that you play too and they are all the fab ones. being a dj must have been some hard work or not i think that is awesome to be someone who loves to play music for those who love to dance to it. take care. always one of those dj music fans.

On 5/24/2003 mark rogers e:nucorguy (at) hotmail.com from waverly, NY wrote:
hey steve -- i listen to you and kathy and b.i.g. wally every morning at work. for the most part, i enjoy your show. i would like to hear more of a variety than what you currently play. it was great to hear the a to z from the vault this winter.

On 4/29/2003 Claire Holton e:knightcon56 (at) epix.net from Towanda, Pa.. wrote:
Just wanted to say hello..Love to listen to you and Kathy..Happy dance...Claire

On 3/5/2003 brett jones from clarks summit pa wrote:
hey steve I just wanted to say that you rock.

On 3/5/2003 Marcia DeMuro e:earnard (at) zwallet.com w:www.1heluva.com/cgi-bin/join.cgi?refer=1650 from Walden, NY wrote:
Super, super site. Very well done indeed!! http://www.1heluva.com/cgi-bin/join.cgi?refer=1650

On 2/28/2003 Rick ,Haycook e:rhaycook (at) hotmail.com from Port Crane wrote:
Hey there Steve, me and my wife listen every morning. you all are funny,We are glad we have you all to wake up TY,And I had fun being in the REO and STYX contest Thanks again

On 2/3/2003 Tim Wedeman e:AlbanyAMS (at) aol.com from formally of Binghamton! (does that count?) wrote:
Hey Steve, I'm glad to see you are doing well, great web site and it's UPDATED! Peace...

On 1/12/2003 Dan Krall from Owego, NY wrote:
Nice Site Steve!!

On 12/17/2002 jan w:www.topaktuelles.de wrote:
nice page

On 9/18/2002 Lisa & Jeff Smith wrote:
Steve- We just wanted to thank you for the incredible job you did at our wedding a few weeks ago. You were fantastic! You really got the party going and we can't tell you how many people have told us since then how great our dj was. You know, there are so many djs out there to choose from, and for an anxious bride it can be a bit overwhelming. We shopped around too, but we had heard so many good things about you that we decided to go with you without really ever seeing you in action. Well, I can tell you that we don't regret it for a minute!!! In fact, we are going to recommend you to everyone that is in need of dj for their wedding or event. From the introductions, to the last song everything was perfect. Thanks again for everything!!

On 9/11/2002 Amber e:Amber.barton (at) citcomm.com wrote:
STEVE, YOU ROCK!!!! You HAVE to do my wedding this year!!

On 5/14/2002 J.J. e:jj (at) wkrz.com w:www.wkrz.com from Scranton/NYC...U pick. wrote:

On 12/24/2001 Tim Maule e:t.maule (at) worldnet.att.net w:home.att.net/~t.maule from Endicott wrote:
I really enjoy the DAWN PATROL every weekday morning. You and Kathy keep up the good work.

On 9/1/2001 Russ Monroe e:radiorusty (at) worldnet.att.net w:home.att.net/~radiorusty/rmp.html from Malibu and Flagstaff wrote:
Great site Steve! Nice to visit the good old triple cities now and then. Congratulations on a terrific job at WAAL! Be well.

On 6/1/2001 N.R.Anglin e:spooky (at) rockrebellion.com w:www.rockrebellion.com/ from Endicott, NY wrote:
We were in the Olive Garden tonight, and my date says "hey, isn't that Steve That DJ Guy?" I'm pretty sure it was you. I am a huge fan of 99.1 WAAL (since I only listen to Classic Rock), and think that you and your colleagues do a great job. We are going to see Tom Petty on the 27th (and hopefully others this summer...if I can save enough money). One last thought...you should through a curveball one day and make the answer on Pick "C" "D". I'll be joining you Monday morning, as usual...Nick

On 4/28/2001 Lynn from Johnson City wrote:
After all the silly jobs you did over the past couple weeks I can hardly wait to hear what you have planned for next week. You guys said it has something to do with that Danielle run?

On 4/19/2001 K.W. e:NOOZGIRL (at) aol from Binghamton wrote:
Steve, You are to be commended for not only agreeing to work for your donations for the March of Dimes, but for taking each of your tasks so seriously. Everyone has commented on what a wonderful job you've done at ALL your assignments.

On 4/5/2001 Mark e:info (at) alinks.com w:www.alinks.com wrote:
nice site. Have a good one.

On 3/13/2001 Anna from Vestal wrote:
Steve, I think it's great you and your family are the spokes-family for the 2001 American Heart Walk. Your story has really inspired me and my team to raise lots of money. It means more to us knowing a local person - and one who alot of people know, even if it's only on the radio - who has benefited from research. Thanks Steve and Mrs. Steve and little guy. :)

On 3/7/2001 Kim e:angelface651 (at) yahoo.com from Endicott wrote:
Steve, You do a great job at the Jennie.F.Snapp middle school dances I hope you will be there for a long time!! Every body loves you!! (editors note: I'll be there several more times this school year.)

On 2/7/2001 DJ BMW e:djbmw (at) djbmw.com w:www.djbmw.com from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada wrote:
Well Steve, Haven't heard your work yet.. sound more like a new-school CDJ :-( Gotta keep vinyl alive.. get some tables! At least your providing quality service for schools and other functions. Maybe you should focus more on the music aspect of DJing instead of the entertainment part since you have it down pretty good. Talent is hard to come by these days so If you could put together an awesome audio show (remix trax live, etc).. your business would be the best in your area in terms of entertainment! Keep up the great work and try remixing something.. see what you get :-) Peace, DJ BMW

On 1/9/2001 Amy e:chowlady2000 (at) yahoo.com from Binghamton, NY wrote:
Well, I've checked the site a few times but missed out on the incredible opportunity of signing your guest book. Steve Willett is an angel straight from heaven, and so is Kathy Whyte - and so are all the listeners who jammed the Food-A-Bago with 4 tons of food for CHOW! Thing of beauty, that little Hanafin 'Bago (shameless plug)... and Wegmans is such a wonderful site (ditto). Not to mention those Monro oil changes! Keep up the good work, guys... you truly have done so much for neighbors in need here in our towns. All the best in 2001! Amy

On 1/5/2001 Jacko from Lived in Endicott for about three years...then got smart and moved to San Diego wrote:
Nice site, Steve. Got the classic Mike Duke touches all over. I guess you and Kathy have got to be kicking the crap out of Mork & Mindy over at our former haunt. Then again, I've heard the WAAL transmitter doesn't even need to actually be ON for that to happen! My best for the New Year to your family and your WAAL counterparts!

On 12/29/2000 Kathy Whyte e:waalfm.com w:WAALFM.COM from Twin Tiers wrote:
Happy New Year, D.J. Guy! Best of luck with your business and I'm looking forward to "2001, a Dawn Patrol Oddity".

On 11/21/2000 Anthony e:anthony1128 (at) zWallet.com from Delaware County, NY wrote:
Your website is outstanding! Cool pictures! The audio files that I heard from your site was magnificient. I cannot believe that your voice has been changed from 20 and 10 years ago. Quite I have not recognized your voice when you were on the radio stations in a flashback moment than today. As of now, you sound totally brillant, amazing, and different! Recently, I am proud of you for supporting CHOW food drive that you did at Wegmans if I stated correctly! Keep up the good work on your website and your radio/dj career! Happy Holidays! Take care!

On 11/4/2000 Kathy e:waalfm.com w:www.waalfm.com wrote:
Help get Steve out of the CHOW Foodabago November 6-13 and help feed the hungry in Broome County. Steve will accept non-perishable food items, day or night from the Hannifin camper in Wegman's parking lot in Johnson City until there is no room for his big feet! Help Steve make a difference!!!!!!

On 10/25/2000 Smarty the Fun-Time Fox e:smrtplay (at) stny.rr.com w:www.smartplayusa.com from Vestal, NY wrote:
Hi Steve, Everyone is very excited about the Halloween party you'll be hosting at Smartplay USA on Sunday 10/29. Can't wait to see your costume! See you later, Smarty!

On 10/8/2000 Shannon e:eagles_38 (at) hotmail.com w:www.expage.com/quiltyspage from Castle Creek wrote:
Hey Steve! I know it's been a while but I just wanted to drop by your site and say hello. Hope everything is going well for you! Keep up the great work buddy! Keep in touch

On 10/7/2000 Mike Malinovsky e:Dogleather (at) aol.com from Binghamton, NY wrote:
You and Kathy are doing a great job on WAAL. I enjoy the morning show.

On 10/3/2000 Kathy e:waal (at) tier.net wrote:
Nice new photo page. You obviously have a great photographer working for you. Is she for hire?

On 9/15/2000 Kathy Whyte e:WAAL (at) tier.net w:WAALFM.COM from Binghamton wrote:
Steve, Thanks a whole BUNCH for calling me TWICE on vacation. Remind me to return the favor someday. And thanks to everyone who turned out for the benefit for Traci! We raised TONS of money! See you all at the Breast Walk October 1st at Recreation Park!

On 8/29/2000 Sarah Frankoski e:littles_9 (at) yahoo.com from Newark Valley.. yes.... Newark Valley wrote:
Steve, one of these days.. you are going to come to one of our dances.. I can't wait to see you run at our home invitational..... my mom is the one that called you about that, by the way.. "good ol' ma !!!" gotta love her...

On 8/29/2000 Linda e:minecoyot (at) aol.com from Vestal wrote:
Was great partying with you at Chris and Lisa's reception.. Station #3 rules!!!!! Great time

On 8/28/2000 Kim e:Superwmn13 (at) aol.com from Binghamton wrote:
Hey Buddy! Doing great... Keep up the good work! You rock!

On 8/22/2000 Cassie from Hillcrest wrote:
Steve, Your new audio resume is awesome! I think you sounded as great in the early years as you do now! How funny to put that audio online for us!

On 8/9/2000 Kevin Louis from Hillcrest wrote:
Man, Steve! You ROCK, man! All the local stuff you guys come up with on the Dawn Patrol has me doubled over! Hey, must be tough at things like weddings with people who want to dance and old geezers who think everything is too loud. ("WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" ANYWAY?)

On 8/7/2000 Lori e:dnlpoirier (at) emcs.net from PA wrote:
The Star105.7 listeners really miss "Steve that DJ Guy" but keep up the good work on the Dawn Patrol.

On 7/5/2000 Katie from Binghamton wrote:
Hey, D.J.Guy, I love it when you're the one spinning at Party on the Patio! You don't just rely on the same songs over and over but you really click in to what the crowd wants. Next time you play, throw on New Age Girl for me, okay?

On 7/2/2000 steve jones e:steveericjones (at) juno.com from groton, ny wrote:
love the dawn patrol...you guys on something or what? (joke) anyway, kepp on truckin...you make the air waves rock!!!!!!!

On 6/26/2000 Mark e:spiffy777 (at) altavista.com from Towanda, PA wrote:
I really enjoy you on the radio. I enjoy you so much that I am going to get you to do my wedding next year.

On 5/31/2000 Kathy e:NOOZGIRL (at) aol.com w:WAALFM.COM from Twin Tiers wrote:
Congratulations on one year on The Dawn Patrol! YOU (and your talent) are truely appreciated.

On 5/31/2000 Shannon e:eagles_38 (at) hotmail.com wrote:
Hey Steve! Just thought I'd say hello. Your web site looks great! It's the perfect site for a great DJ and great friend like you! Hope everything is going great! Keep in touch!

On 5/14/2000 monica dixon e:Glory_14 (at) yahoo.com from Great bend wrote:
hi. i just saw you last night in the rain at the park.

On 5/12/2000 Jeremy Dixon e:Romeo31500 (at) yahoo.com w:www.angelfire.com/punk/cannonball5/ from Great Bend, Pa wrote:
Hey Steve I liked it alot better when you were on Star but I guess thats probably cause classic rock went out with me when Pop got popular but still I think your the best Dj imn the world keep up the good job bro!

On 5/11/2000 Justin dixon e:biggie16_lt (at) yahoo.com from great bend wrote:
hi steve im the one that allways hangs out after the fun days and helps take down your equipment. p.s. i know alot of people who are graduating this year so if you have graduation song by vitiman c could you please bring it. thanks justin

On 5/10/2000 Brett Woodring e:brettwoodring (at) hotmail.com from Athens wrote:
steve, you daa man. im 17 years old and i love CR i listen to you every morning on the dawn patrol. God thats great stuff. kathy is pretty great to. oya one more thing DANISHES RULE

On 4/29/2000 Diane e:dehunter69 (at) yahoo.com from Windsor, NY wrote:
Steve: Thanks for sending me your new site. I enjoyed reviewing it. No new date set yet for you know what just working on getting housekeeping in order if you know what I mean. Take Care and have a wonderful summer...Diane

On 4/23/2000 Cheryl e:caru1213 (at) aol.com wrote:
Hi Steve, Thanx for coming by Gary's U Pull It, you're such a blast! Hope to see you soon...keep up the awesome job!!

On 4/20/2000 An Anonymous Visitor wrote:
Hi Steve! I thought I'd take a look at your site. It looks great! You are a great friend and a great DJ. Always keep smiling and keep those great tunes rolling!! Peace!

On 4/19/2000 cheeks from Vestal wrote:
Hey Steve. I think you are the hottest man on the airwaves. So is it true are you really number one in the area? And did you really beat that other station? You are the man. Love ya cheeks (ed note: #1 18-49 and 25-54)

On 4/18/2000 Dwight Patel e:dwight (at) taxfreeinternet.org w:www.taxfreeinternet.org from Silver Spring, MD wrote:
Hey Steve we talked ways back i use to listent to you on the waal in Binghamton when i was working on a campaign ... i grew up in Potomac MD went to Blair HS not Churchill... did u go to Churchill or WJ? I am in washington DC now... i work with a few people at DC 101 www.dc101.com . you may of heard of them... did u ever DJ in washington? Hope all is well check out my website. www.taxfreeinternet.org Dwight (ed note: went to Churchill and I worked at the following: WINX in Rockville (1980-82 & 84-85) Metro Traffic Control in both DC and Baltimore (1980-82) WPKX-106 KIX Country--now Jazzy 105.9 (1982-83) WLTT-94.7 W-Lite--now WARW (1983) Z104 in Frederick (1983 & 1986) B104 in Baltimore--now WOCT (1984-86) I left DC in 1987.)

On 4/17/2000 Don wrote:
Hey DJ Guy! I've set up a link from the Don Morgan links section for you. I don't know why we didn't do it earlier! (ed note: check out all the other Don Morgan links plus music news, local happenings, and other neat webstuff on the 99.1 WAAL webpage at www.waalfm.com)

On 4/14/2000 Dave e:dhedwards32 (at) hotmail.com from A dead horse town in Chenango County wrote:
Great show!!! How come I never hear kathy between 5 and 6 am? (ed: she sleeps in til 5:59...I mean what's up with that???)

On 4/14/2000 Grumpy e:cdr_keidel (at) hotmail.com w:www.geocities.com/highwaypoet from Hamburg, Germany - now Masonville wrote:
Steve, I WAS surprised at your gaffe about Ben Franklin inventing the printing press. However, Johannes Gutenberg, a fellow German, did not INVENT it either! It is MUCH older than he, having been invented and used by the Chinese. Herr Gutenberg invented movable type and made printing with a press a viable undertaking. He then went on to fame and fortune when he printed the Bible. I do listen to you every morning, as I've got WAAL set on my alarm clock radio.

On 4/13/2000 Matthew Krizovsky e:krizymatt (at) searchalot.com from Binghamton(town of) wrote:
I thought this would be a better place to let you know that the printing press is about three HUNDRED YEARS older than Ben Franklin. It was invented by a German fellow named Gutenberg(gutenberg bible).

On 4/13/2000 Kathy e:NOOZGIRL (at) aol from Castle Krick wrote:
Oooh, baby! You ARE the ultimate mobile dj guy! I love it when you bring out inflatable things! Keep up the good work.

On 4/12/2000 mjDUKE e:dj (at) mjDUKE.com w:www.mjDUKE.com from Johnson City, NY wrote:
Cool site Steve! See ya on the radio!

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