Music List

Planning for the Wedding Consulation

When we meet for your wedding consultation there are questions that
I will ask you regarding your reception.  I have put together an outline
of the key elements that we will discuss while planning your special day. 
I have also included links to the Music List page that will 
automatically connect you with the songs that you are looking for.
The following lists are intended to be a guide.  If you don't see the
song that you're looking for, my extensive collection is too large
to fully list.  Plus if I don't have the song, every effort will be made to 
have it and play it on your wedding day.

For the Introductions, I'll ask you for the names of all of the members 
of your Bridal Party.  Will it just be the Bridal Party or are there 
Flower Girls, Ring Bearers, Junior Bridesmaids and Junior 
Groomsmen.  Will your parents and possibly grandparents be 
introduced with the Bridal Party?  

First Dance
Most Brides and Grooms have a First Dance in mind, but just
in case I have a link to my Music List for you.

I'll also ask you for songs for the following:

Bride/Father Dance

Groom/Mother Dance

Cake Cutting

There are 4 parts to the Bouquet and Garter Toss and I have a link
for each individual part.
Bouquet Toss
To get all the single ladies on the dance floor
Garter Removal Song
That special song for the Groom to remove the garter 
from his Bride's leg
Garter Toss
To get all the single guys on the dance floor
Garter Placement Song
The perfect song that will fit the moment when the 
two "winners" meet for the garter placement

And finally will you want Participation Dances played
at your wedding reception.  Some Brides and Grooms want the 
Chicken Dance while others don't.  I will go over a list of 
Participation Dances for your approval.

Other things that we will discuss are the music for cocktails and dinner.  The Dollar Dance/Bridal Dance, Bridal Party Dance (optional), 
special dances, special announcements, dedications and 
anything else that I can do to make your special day even more memorable.  Before we meet you may want to check with your
reception hall and caterer for times regarding cocktails, 
dinner and cake cutting.

If you have any questions feel free to call me at 1-888-89 STEVE
or you can e-mail me at steve@stevethatdjguy.com


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